Deighton Demons

Deighton Demons

The name Deighton and Basketball has been synonymous for thirty years plus, going back to the late seventies, early eighties. The initial setting up of Deighton Basketball was in conjunction with the local Youth Centre, which formed the focus of youth activities in the Deighton area of Huddersfield.

Deighton Basketball Club consisted mainly of local players in the Deighton area.

 As the team developed, playing in the Huddersfield Basketball League, it attracted a larger influx of players from other areas of Huddersfield and further a field, this in turn produced more competition for places and acted as a spur in increasing the level and standard of play.

 By the mid eighties, even though they had not been running to long, they successfully developed a three-team structure consisting of The Druids (1st Team), The Demons (2nd Team) and The Devils (Junior Team)

The increased activity and development was shown when the club entered the Yorkshire Basketball League, competing with the best teams in the county, between the mid-eighties to the late nineties.

Deighton (Druids) quickly  rose through the Yorkshire Basketball League ranks and dominated at the very top for a long period. Winning the Division 2 and Division 1 competitions on a few occasions, along with various Tournaments nationwide.  

Unfortunately with previous changes taking place in Local Government the successful youth club system slowed and came under increasing pressure from reduced funding and staff resources. This affected the Deighton clubs resources, which utimately resulted in decreased membership and finally the loss of two teams leaving only The Demons to successfully carry the torch to the present day.

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