This project was a close civic partnership between representatives from the statutory agencies of West Yorkshire Police, Kirklees Young Peoples Services, and the THE DEIGHTON INTO-SPORT PROJECT who have combined their skills and knowledge of Ashbrow Ward to develop the ‘D’ Project.

This Project helped to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour across the Ashbrow Ward by using sport, recreation, arts, media and leisure as the vehicle, from the Deighton Sports Arena and local Facilities.

What we successfully aimed for was the development of a ‘diversionary daytime project ‘ targeting and meeting the needs of the NEET group whose behaviour is of concern to professionals and their community, We continually want to offer these young people, traditionally outside mainstream support. Full support in the locality to show them they have choices

The Project had a significant influence on the group we were working with.

So far one of the original members of the group is a volunteer working the Deighton Juniors football team and took his football level 1 coaching badge this year

The group of young men were also  involved in the making of a film about the neighbourhood (with Ken George)

The project was organised by Troy Thomas(local mentor /football coach) and Basil Richards(DISP Coordinator).

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