At the beginning of a very special new year, Olympic Year 2016, we are looking forward to working very closely with the Pennine Schools Sports Partnership and to support delivery of various sports activities at both our new School, the North Huddersfield Trust School in Fartown, and our new Community Centre, Northfield Hall, situated in the Brackenhall/Ferndale neighbourhood.

We are looking forward to this new challenge which will enable us to widen our opportunities to introduce young people to sports and fitness activities.  We have a fine team of coaches who are working with local young people and we believe that they are having a genuine impact by not only introducing young people to sport, but also by helping them to become aware of the wider Community and to realise the importance of Teamwork, not just in Sport, but in life. 

 The new School has already got off to a splendid start, and many of our young people will benefit  from the positive work of Dr A. Williams and his Staff.  We believe that there will be many benefits for our community from our partnership working.  We also believe that we can use our experience to really get Northfield Hall up and running as a Community facility which is providing a wide reange of opportunities for people of all ages.  The Brackenhall Trust is to be congratulated on all that they have achieved and we look forward to working with them in the new Centre.

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